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What is multimedia software?

Multimedia software is a combination of different text, graphics, sound, animation, and video. It is an important part of many of the other software application. The presentation can be more fetching and perfect with the sound and animation. Multimedia software is entertaining as well as useful. There are large numbers of software for enhancing performance. Most of the multimedia comes with the disk space because of the requirement of large storage.

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Types of Multimedia Software

There are typically the elements or the building blocks tools in the multimedia environment. The basic type of tool can be described as follows:-

  • Text- On general multimedia objects text can be stored in processor files, database, and spreadsheet. This tool easy to make changes in text font, color, etc.
  • Animation- In implicates the impression of motion caused by showing still image one after another. It is also used for entertainment and learning purpose. It is considered as a part of the art.
  • Graphics- It makes changes in the size and quality of the images. it transforms pictures into jpg, gifs, etc
  • Video- A Digitalized video is one of the most space consuming data file type. The digitalized videos are saved as a sequence of frames.
  • Audio- It is an increasing datatype being united in most of the application. It is less space intensive. One minute of sound takes up to 2-3 Mbs of space.
  • Graphic Graphics- This is used to define 2D & 3D spaces which used to define the multimedia objects.

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